Vitamins and minerals play an essential role in the body’s normal
metabolism, growth, and development. For example, while a vitamin is not a
source of energy by itself, it can provide the key the body needs to unlock
energy stored in food. Some vitamins and minerals work together, such as the
mineral zinc and vitamin A. Zinc enables the body to use vitamin A to
promote good vision. Not getting enough vitamin A may lead to night
blindness, a condition in which the eyes have trouble adjusting to darkness.
Zinc supplementation may help prevent this condition by helping the body use
vitamin A. Another example is calcium and vitamin D. Calcium, which is very
important in bone and heart health, is more readily absorbed if vitamin D is
also present.

Taking supplements alone, however, is not the answer to long term good
health. Instead, combining a healthy diet with the additions of supplements
along with regular exercise and a positive mental attitude is the best bet
for a healthy lifestyle.