Why we do it


Natural Health Values

Being deeply committed to being a change agent in the lives of people is rooted in Natural Health Values. Humans are being challenged with environmental stress, pollutants, emotional upheaval, sedentary lifestyles, convenience food choices, technology, over population to name a few. Yet, the human body is able to adapt. How well we adapt is based on Natural Health Values…


What our patients  have to say


“After having three children I gained 40 pounds that has been difficult to lose. Dr. Derryberry found that I have a thyroid condition. I chose to take natural supplements and have lost 25 pounds and feel more energy.”

female age 39

“My cholesterol had been increasing for years…I scheduled an appointment with Dr. Derryberry. He made some dietary suggestions and gave me Core Essentials for Healthy Cholesterol. My recent blood tests were 30% improved!”

male age 60

“I suffered with headaches for years…finally my husband scheduled an appointment for me to see Dr. Derryberry. After a few gentle treatments my headaches are completely gone! I also was having difficulty sleeping and asked Dr. Derryberry for help. He prescribed a natural sleep aid and instructed me with some healthy sleeping tips.”

female age 32

“I wanted to lose weight to perform better in my endurance sport. I removed carbohydrates from my diet but had cravings and no energy. I was given supplements and a high quality, easily digested protein and continued to lose weight as my energy returned. I have lost over 30 pound with 20 more to go!”

male age 31

“Most days it is really difficult for me to get out of bed and get going until I drink two or three cups of coffee. At the same time every afternoon(usually about 3 or 4 pm) I get tired and have a diet soft drink. Dr. Derryberry found that I am hypo-thyroid and hypo-adrenal. He has me taking supplements and I learned that not eating breakfast was contributing to my problem. I eliminated the soft drink and now drink one cup of coffee. I now eat a small breakfast and a few healthy snacks throughout the day. I travel for my job in the wine industry and I am learning to make healthier food choices while out of town.”

female age 42

“My stomach pain was so bad that I could hardly eat anything. Dr. Derryberry suggested that I eliminate all dairy for 30 days and gave me some digestive enzymes to help digest my food. I was skeptical because yogurt was a staple in my diet.. He suggested other foods and within a couple of weeks my pain and bloating was much improved. I also realized that because of the pain my diet varied little. I now tolerate many foods that I was afraid to try.”

female age 62