Natural Health Values

Being deeply committed to being a change agent in the lives of people is rooted in Natural Health Values. Humans are being challenged with environmental stress, pollutants, emotional upheaval, sedentary lifestyles, convenience food choices, technology, over population to name a few. Yet, the human body is able to adapt. How well we adapt is based on Natural Health Values…

First, the body must maintain good mechanical alignment. For this to be achieved exercise with proper training and skills is necessary on a regular basis. Health club memberships, walking clubs, swimming, hiking are the buzz. Fitness trainers seem to be the norm and a great option for some to add accountability and consistency. Regular Chiropractic examination and treatment has an integral role in achieving optimal health and eliminating dis-ease.

Second, the body must be supplied with healthy natural foods. Organic foods are becoming more easily available. Awareness to lower toxic chemical stress. Chemical pollutants are rapidly being identified and continued effort is necessary for a healthy immune system. There is constant debate about what are the best sources of water.

Third, emotional health is proven to be a major contributor to physical health. Healthy relationships may be identified as well as toxic ones eliminated.

Finally, there is an electrical nature to the human body. Adverse health effects of microwave energy, cell phone and computer use, work under flourescent lights etc. are being investigated. Use of Acupunture treatment is promising in many health conditions.