Examination and Treatment


Careful notes are taken from your health history to uncover clues of the
hidden origin of departure from optimum health. Upon entering the office you
will be asked to fill out a detailed health history and symptom survey
forms. These useful tools assist Dr. Derryberry with vital information to
piece together the necessary health history to combine with the results of
the comprehensive examination and other tests such as imaging (X-rays, MRI,
CT etc.) and blood tests to come up with a treatment plan. Dr. Derryberry
will ask you questions about your medical history, family history, and
personal lifestyle. The medical history will include questions about your
diet, digestion, energy level, history of weight loss or gain, sleep and
exercise patterns, and relaxation habits. You may be asked to bring a food
diary including a list of any herbs, supplements, or medicines that you take
regularly. Laboratory tests might be used to find out if you are low in any
nutrients and to test your organ function.

This way, Dr Derryberry will get a full picture of your nutritional
lifestyle and make appropriate professional recommendations and treatment
geared toward your specific health condition.

Our office uses a variety of gentle, safe and effective chiropractic and
nutritional therapy treatments for many health conditions.
Call for immediate appointment to discuss your healthcare needs with
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