Chiropractic treatments help in treating a variety of painful diseases – Chiropractic treatments can greatly ease the suffering associated with diseases like arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, hypertension, and bursitis. Pregnant women and mentally disturbed people usually report feeling better after a given period of chiropractic treatment. Dr. Derryberry provides chiropractic care and is located in Paso Robles, CA.

Food Supplements
Being deeply committed to being a change agent in the lives of people is rooted in Natural Health Values. Humans are being challenged with environmental stress, pollutants, emotional upheaval, sedentary lifestyles, convenience food choices, technology, and over population to name a few. Yet, the human body is able to adapt….

Lifestyle Coaching
My earliest memories of learning about the marvels of the human body and health resulted in my passion and career. My greatest joy is seeing people restored to health. Lifelong learning and years of experience have greatly benefitted my patients and students. I utilize a unique approach developed over the past thirty years to help people to create healthy lives.